Whole Melt Bugatti OG


Whole Melt Bugatti OG

Whole melt bugatti og is an indica-dominant hybrid flavor from the classic OG kush family. This flavor has a fruity and sweet aroma that gives you a premium bliss and experience from the first hit.

Effects Bugatti OG Flavor

One thing whole melt extracts are known for is their rich potency and long-lasting highness. The effects of bugatti og includes the following:

  • It helps in relaxation and muscle spasms
  • It helps with bi polar disorder, chronic pains and cramps
  • It helps in depression and anxiety management
  • It gives you a euphoric high and uplifts ones mood

The effects of whole melts aren’t limited to just one flavor but all. Highness can last for over 5 hours depending on one’s tolerance level.

Where To Buy Whole Melts Extracts

There a lot of people trying to find out on how and where to purchase whole melt carts. The growth in popularity of whole melt disposables, has lead to a lot of fake vendors selling fakes and scamming people off their money on social media like telegram and instagram. Please to stay safe make sure you buy your whole melt live resin from a licensed dispensary. For deliveries of your whole melt disposables directly to your doorstep, then order from our official whole melt extracts website.



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