Whole Melt Extracts Carts Wholesale


Whole Melt Extracts Cart Bulk Sale

Whole melt extracts carts wholesale or master box was created for those looking to retail our whole melt diamond vaporizer. Individuals can still buy our whole melt extracts diamonds in bulk incase they’re looking to stock up. Due to the quantity being ordered, we have included amazing discounts in the prices so can make a massive profit.

The effects of this whole melt extracts live diamond vape are very relieving and quite similar to that experience from psychedelic mushroom such as trippy flip chocolate.

Our newly released whole melt extracts disposable master box comes with 20 mix and match flavors. Each master box comes with 100 disposable vapes of 2 grams.

How to Treat Whole Melt Live Diamond Master Box

When purchasing your whole melt extracts carts wholesale box, it is important that you know how to properly store this boxes so you don’t lose your investment. Make sure you store your boxes in a cool dry or moderate temperature to ensure they remain in perfect condition.

Don’t let any moisture spill on the box as they might damage the disposable vapes.

Where to Buy Bulk Whole Melts Extracts Vaporizer

To purchase whole melts carts in bulk and for affordable prices, it is best you buy from the official Whole Melts Extracts website to avoid getting scammed or buying a fake product.



1OO, 200, 300, 500, 1000


Mix and Match, Cherry Belts, Orange Petrol, Candy Chrome, Cherrynana, Blueberry Melons, Zeven UP, Pink Zugar, Lime Heads, Sherbangez, Junky Charms, Alien Fruit Juice, Bluemosa, Peach Milano, Pineapple Zlushie


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