Whole Melts Candy Chrome


Whole Melts Candy Chrome Flavor

Whole melts candy chrome strain is a tasty indica dominant concentrate that contains Live resin, Liquid diamonds, and Terpenes that will transport you to a stoney, and blissed out wonderland. The whole melts extracts has a great flavor list with every flavor ready to carry you to a whole new level.

The effects of this exotic liquid diamonds flavor will elevate and take your vaping experience on a whole new level. When you vape candy chrome flavor , you’ll experience cannabis concentrate in its purest, and most potent form. Whole melt carts unparalleled strains, natural flavors, and activated THC all combine to create an uplifting vaping experience like no other.

Effects of Whole Melt Extracts Carts Flavors

The effects of whole melt extracts live diamonds are similar to that of psychedelic mushroom such as Dream Mushroom Bar. Our diamond live resin have a high concentration and purity level, the effects are very quickly to react from the very first puff. Some of the effects of this liquid diamonds extracts include:

  • It helps to induce creativity
  • It helps with anxiety and depression
  • It provides a state of euphoria and relaxation
  • It helps out with pain and stress with cancer patients

Vaping with whole melts live resin is an experience like no other. Once you inhale that first sweet puff of flavorful vapor, you’ll be hooked!


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