Whole Melt Vice City Edition


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Whole Melt Vice City Edition

Whole melt vice city edition is our most recent dropped 50/50 premium live resin sugar and badder. This new batch comes with a classic flavor collection that gives you a satisfying high and potency. Whole melt extracts has always had the reputation of producing exceptional flavors that excites the taste buds and deliver potent effects.

Effects of Whole Melts Live Resin Sugar

The effects of whole melts live resin sugar and badder are very rich in flavor potency. A combination of 2 distinct flavors in one jar gives you a more exciting experience. The mixture of 1 live resin sugar flavor with a live resin badder flavor to give you a sensational feeling. Some of the effects include:

  • Increases focus and mental clarity in one’s self by reducing distraction
  • Helps with chronic pains due to their numbing effects
  • Helps with stress and anxiety by providing a sense of calmness in the body
  • It increases the level of creativity in some individuals

The effects of these whole melts live resin sugar varies amongst different people and also depends on your tolerance level. For beginners we always advice you start with a small dosage and build on from there.




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