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Whole Melt Skittlez Flavor

Whole melt skittlez is a very exciting hash shatter flavor dropped by whole melt extracts. This amazing flavor has a high cannabis concentration of 92% that will blow off your feet from the very first intake. Skittlez strain takes you on a journey of uplifting and relaxing effects.

Effects of Skittlez Shatter Flavor

Skittlez is an indica-dominant grape ape concentrate and grape fruit that is crossed with an undisclosed strain to produce a cannabis flavored concentrate. The effects of whole melt extracts flavors include:

  • It provides a feeling of euphoria and relaxation
  • It helps to ease stress, anxiety and depression
  • It provides an uplifting mood boost
  • Some users experience a sleepy feeling

The signs of whole melt extracts flavors comes on very quick and is said to be very heady-psychedelic. The effects are similar to that of some mushroom chocolate bars such as the neau tropics chocolates. Colours may seem brighter, sounds louder and time seems to become slower.

Where To Buy Whole Melt Extracts

If you are looking to buy whole melt extracts products either for personal use or wholesale business deals, look no further than our official Whole Melt Extracts Website. We recommend our users to purchase directly from our website to avoid any risk of getting scammed or buying a fake product.




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