Whole Melt Purple Slushie



About Purple Slushie Flavor

Whole melt purple slushie is an indica dominant hybrid concentrate flavor that comes as a result of the crossing between Sweet D Purple and Slushberry strains. This extract is known for its super strong physical effects as well as a light touch of calming mental effects. The strain leaves you in a subtle buzzing effect that leaves you fully relaxed and pretty sedated at times. The potency and quality of this whole melt extracts flavor is very calming and relaxing.

Effects of Whole Melt Purple Slushie Flavor 

The effects of this amazing strain are quite satisfying and convenient for use. Purple slushie strain will provide you a thrilling super delicious flavor while also providing an uplifting effect. Some of the effects of whole melt extracts hash rosin include:

  • It provides a sense of relaxation and calmness
  • It helps to reduce anxiety and stress level
  • Provides a good euphoric high
  • Increases your level of focus and retentiveness
  • It also provides a joyful and uplifting mood

The effects of whole melt extracts hash rosin are quite overwhelming and similar to other Live Resin Extracts such as Pacman Disposable. Buy our whole melt extracts online today at affordable prices.


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