Whole Melt Banana Gelato


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Whole Melt Banana Gelato

Whole melt banana gelato is a live resin shatter that can be produced from the crossing of strawberry banana and Bubblegum strains to give you a more flavorful experience. Live resin shatter have a rich potency and aroma.

Effects of Live Resin Shatter

The mental effects of live resin shatter are mild and mostly complement the satisfying physical high. This provides a more potent and and flavorful experience. Below are the effects of whole melt live resin shatter:

  • It helps with appetite and mood enhancement
  • It helps in creativity and increases focus level
  • It helps with pains and nausea relief
  • It gives you a feeling of euphoria

The effects of whole melts extracts are not limited to not just one flavor but to all. Also the high of each flavor can last for up to 6 hours depending on your tolerance level.

Where To Buy Whole Melt Resin Extracts

Whole melts resin extract has been receiving a lot of reviews online such as on reddit and twitter for producing fake products and flavors. This is as a result of the fact that many black market vendors keep selling and producing fakes with no authenticity of their products.

We advise our clients to make their purchases from a license dispensary or on our official web store whole melt extracts.




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